websites from emails

Simple Websites

Simple websites are just an email away.

End complicated website interfaces... send emails, place them in your website.

Early Interface Development

This is the begining of the interface build with our front-end framework TempLang.

The most significant features of this video are:

What Is In Our Websites

Email2Site is a simplistic website builder. Send our servers emails of what you want to publish, and you can place them in your site.

Upon sending an email to our servers, the text, content, images, or links will show up on our "composer" website that you use to place it. On the "composer site" there will be a button on there called "publish" which generates another site for you.

The server will confirm what it has recieved and you will see your content on our "composer site" as if you had uploaded it to us.

We believe that the tools that are already familiar to you should be the tools you can use. We have designed a system that relies heavily on the email client you have already chosen to use regularly for authoring content.

Domain Reseller

We are a domain reseller as well, which means you can purchase your custom domain name as you set up your site with us, or direct an existing domain name to our servers.

Host Any Way You Want

We do not brand our customers sites, and any layout or design that is used will be public domain. This means you are free to host or distribute your website any way you want. We also provide low cost hosting that has limited terms and conditions.

Image Galleries, Contact Forms, and Calendars Too

The primary features cater to informational websites with public information. One advantage that we have is easy access to anything in an email. This includes resizing images, contact forms, and updating calendar events by inviting your website as a member of your meeting invite.

Coming Soon

We expect a demo to be available in the spring 2024, with a consumer product launch later in the summer of 2024.

About Us

Compare Basic is a software technology company based out of Iowa City, Iowa. Our founder, Stephen Silvernight, has over 15 years of experience building websites and a very bad attitude. He was sick of complex websites while his friends needed a simple one... So he started Email2Site. Read more at the company site.

If your interested in our products, please get in touch with our founder: